I am a person who like to learn from others. I find everybody is unique and interesting in many ways. Everyone has strong and learning points. In my opinion, learning from others can develop yourself to be a better person.

Life is like a wheel. Sometimes you can be on the top, sometimes you can be on the bottom. For some people, they can be on the top for a long time. While others spend more time on the bottom. It is part of our faith that we could not choose.

I count myself as a person that had been through all these sides. For me, a success person is not the one who survives on the top for a long time, but more to the one who can lift him/herself from the bottom.

I also believe I am a kind of person who continuously like to contribute my knowledge and experience for community. In my perspective, life is not only about success, but also sharing success with others.

This blog will tell you more about myself as a professional and a person, who wish to change my community for a better life.



(Contact me at: https://id.linkedin.com/in/ichsanichsan)